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Writing about Skimbit yesterday somehow derailed into my ongoing rant about… well, I won’t venture there again. You’ll just have to check it out. But I neglected to mention a couple of thoughts I had while talking with Skimbit’s CEO and founder, Alicia Navarro.

Skimbit logo –Social decision making. I was initially turned off by this phrase, thinking, “Do we need the Internet to make decisions for us now too?” But further inspection proved that Skimbit is an interesting twist on the still-unsolved issue of effective online collaboration.

–No effort required. At least not much. Much like Adaptive Blue (near and dear to me, as it was my very first DEMO find), Skimbit algorithms scan a page for you with the press of button, automatically delivering the useful detail without making the user cut, paste, etc.

–Useful for any type of research. Kaboodle, the leader in social shopping, focuses solely on… well, shopping. Skimbit’s structure and ratings system, as well as the ability to incorporate any type of widget, propel it past shopping into the bookmarking/notebook/clipping realm.

–A smart CEO. An embedded Google search, Meebo Me IM service, upcoming licensed version from Wedding TV, additional product iterations including Skim-in-a-box and the upcoming SkimSpot – Navarro isn’t settling for “build it and they will come.”

I have nits of course – the site design could use a little cleaning up, for one. But Skimbit is one of those Web 2.0 companies I just love – forward-thinking and consumer-aware.


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