CashView Becomes

We heard late this evening that CashView, the cash management service for small businesses, has changed its name — and address — to logoAccording to founder and CEO Rene Lecerte, the new name “reflects the simplicity of what we are building. . . the place where businesses send, receive and pay their bills. ”

The company launched its beta to the market at DEMOfall ‘07 in what was arguably the best coordinated product rollout we’ve ever seen at DEMO.

In addition to the new name, has added new features to the software mix, including a streamlined start-up process, new reporting tools, and improvements to the user interface. Managing cash in a small and growing business is critical, but time consuming. We thought the original name was on the money (no pun intended); the product gives business owners a clear view of their cash picture across time.

But these days, it’s a catchy URL that sells, and has its appeal. Still, we hope small businesses sign on to the $15-a-month service because it’s tremendously valuable, not just because it has a cute name now.


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