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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m one of the many obsessed with the semantic Web. It’s a catch-all term for anything, really, that makes Internet content more intelligent. But recent favorites of mine involve connections; tying together seemingly disparate entities online can produce insight heretofore impossible. Two companies here at DEMO have developed incredibly sophisticated algorithms that have changed the way I work. If you do any amount of research online – and who doesn’t these days – run, don’t walk to Silobreaker and Jodange.

I’ve been addicted to Silobreaker for several months now, so was delighted to see new features and a more intuitive design to the site. A current affairs search engine that combines context extraction and relational analysis, Silobreaker provides a 360-degree view on news events, people and places. I know, that sounds somewhat buzzy; you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. I find the network search especially helpful, which offers unprecedented insight into relationships between people and topics around a specific event. I spend a huge amount of time researching and have never stuck with a site so faithfully. Almost without exception, it delivers precisely what I’m looking for every time.

Jodange, which has understandably had a few meetings of like minds with Silobreaker, provides invaluable insight of its own. While Silobreaker pulls salient quotes as part of its entity analysis, Jodange focuses entirely on opinions. Its ‘sentiment analysis’ engine, called TOMS (Top of Mind Service), mines and indexes opinions across the Internet, allowing for a distinct perspective on significant topics. How negative was Hillary Clinton the week of November 17? What is the oil industry’s view of the recent rate cuts by the Fed? Answering questions this specific was previously impossible without hours of research. You just can’t find this stuff on Google. Period.

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