Simply Odd Product Promo

From the “How Did They Find Me? ” file comes this product announcement from Simple, makers of really ugly, if eco-friendly, shoes:

The $30 “Sleeve-Me-Alone” laptop sleeve, made from jute, organic felt and a coconut button instead of that “nasty crap” (the promo copy’s description, not mine) from which most laptop cases are made. Don’t ask the difference between “dark earth” and “brown,” two of the available four colors. They look pretty much the same to me.

Not the stuff we’d normally cover on The Guidewire, but frankly the e-mail, attached marketing PDF, and Web site are so irreverent (where else would we find a nose-picking cross-selling caricature?), that we had to share.

Simple's Cross Sell icon

Seems like all those natural fibers tickle some very odd marketing ideas.


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