What Does It Take To Be a Venture-Backed CEO?

On the evening of March 13, I’ll be moderating a panel of CEOs of VC-backed companies to explore issues of leadership, skills, pressures  and balance that every startup CEO faces.   I’ve had the pleasure to work with Frederic Lucas-Conwell, principal at Growth Resources, in preparing for the event, and have been impressed with the work he does helping CEOs identify their leadership style and the points of stress between individual style and the requirements of the CEO role.   

Frederic uses a quick and simple (at least on the surface) surveying tool to help executives analyze their leadership style in their role as CEO,  as well as the style differences in their management team.  It’s fascinating stuff. By understanding the points of convergence and divergence, you really can adapt style and expectations to drive to stronger leadership.

In advance of the March 13 event, Frederic is surveying CEOs of VC backed companies to identify points of similarity and strength in startup leadership.   Results will compiled anonymously and presented March 13th at the event, but you’ll have access to your individual results and have the opportunity to glean more understanding from Frederic.

I found my results fascinating, and I’d encourage any VC-backed CEO to participate in the survey.  It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it online.  To participate please send an email to Frederic Lucas-Conwell and mention that you learned about the survey here.

I’ve known Frederic for many years and I’m confident you’ll extract a lot of valuable learning from the experience. 


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