A Second Opinion

I wanted to dash off a quick note and point everyone to an interesting conversation that happened here on The Guidewire. I’ve written about Songkick a couple of times recently, giving the service praise for its focus on semantic-based recommendation for consumers. In my most recent post, I specifically raved about its new capability of recommending concerts to users based on their music preferences. My friend Shellee, very much a tech outsider and a live music fanatic, gave Songkick a spin and wasn’t as happy with the results. She said so in the post’s comments and, after a request from me, the company responded to her in kind.

I say this not to needle Songkick, who posted an excellent, well-reasoned reply to Shellee, but to again stress the importance of the mass consumer, a theme we return to repeatedly on this blog. Rave reviews from The 250 are great in the short run, but end-user stress-tests are the only reviews that truly matter in the end. It’s a good lesson and ego-check as we tech insiders continue to debate our role in product analysis.


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  1. While I’ll certainly never be one of The 250, I do have a Web 2.0 phobe who is generally across the couch from me in the evenings. He refuses to use Twitter (which I agree with, and if I didn’t write about tech I sure wouldn’t either). He hates Facebook (amen, brother, see above). I try to blend any review with a mix of what I like having to spend my day immersed in these types of apps with what your average person who isn’t so fond of Web 2.0 will say. It’s one of the reasons I hate FriendFeed so very, very much. I have a friend I JUST convinced to start blogging on her own blog instead of having other people profit from the hilarious content. Now I should convince her that she needs to look at ANOTHER service to see people commenting on her content? It has no use for the general public, and is an added place to have to track who ARE on 100 different services. FriendFeedFeed isn’t that far off.

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