The Week That Was and Will Be

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be an A-list blogger, primarily because I just can’t keep up a daily flow of posts. I intended a quick piece on the CBS/CNET story yesterday but the day got away from me. In short, I agree with Marshall. (Perhaps that’s my new blogging philosophy: “Ditto.”) I am bound and determined though to dash off a quick post on the week behind and the week ahead.

Chris and I ran through a day packed with meetings in Austin earlier this week, screening potential startups for DEMOfall. While I can’t reveal particulars, I can say that there were multiple “Wow” moments. And the companies were overwhelmingly un-Web 2.0. Energy conservation, computer security, wireless USB – Austin startups are innovating across the technology map. We ended the day with a jam-packed cocktail party and all manner of great conversations. It was an excellent conclusion to a road show that has taken Chris across the US. For anyone in doubt, innovation and thriving tech communities are by no means exclusive to Silicon Valley. Can’t wait to reveal more on these companies in September.

The week ahead has two interesting events I want to plug: SemTech and the French Tech Tour. The Semantic Technology Conference, at the San Jose Fairmont May 18-22, may not immediately send thrills up your spine but I can promise you that semantics is where technology’s future lies. Love it, hate it or completely befuddled by it, semantics aim to transform our Internet into a smarter, simpler, more intuitive world in which to live and work. I’ll be on a panel discussing just how we’re going to draw everyone into this exciting world, Taking Semantic Technology to the Masses. With Chris Morrison of VentureBeat, Mark Johnson of Powerset, Thomas Tague of the Reuters Calais Initiative and Josh Dilworth of Porter Novelli, the conversation is sure to be lively. If you have any issues or questions you’d like us to address, leave them in the comments.

On Wednesday, May 21, I’ll be participating in the French Tech Tour at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus. Hosted by the French Embassy, it will be a day of discussion and networking, introducing French startups in the US. If you’re at all invested in the global tech landscape, don’t miss it. And if you’re looking for the cocktail party to be at on Tuesday night, join us at Mighty in San Francisco.

I’ll do my darndest to blog on all of this, even if they’re just one-paragraph updates. You can also follow my Twitter feed if you’re interested in the minutia. Be warned though, parenting issues and political diatribes sometimes crop up there.



  1. […] Startup District idea im all jazzed up about. People I talked to there were Chris Shipley (thanks Carla), Co-Founder of Guidewire Group, the people who put on DEMO (she tweeted about it), John Hime […]

  2. Out Wrong said

    Who are these “A-list” bloggers really? And how do we know they don’t actually have an army of robots creating and posting all of their content?

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