Winding down SemTech and an exciting addition

My brain is beginning to melt from all of the deep-tech conversations here at SemTech. During the DEMO Road Show in Austin last week, I tweeted, “Just when you’re feeling smart, you meet a guy who built a server farm in his basement.” (That’s a story we’ll have to save for DEMOfall.) It’s essentially been my feeling this week as well, where the collective brain power in this building could likely have us colonizing Mars by next year. I consider myself reasonably well versed in semantic technology but this crowd puts me to shame. If you’re looking for an environment to really get your brain buzzing about the future of technology, make SemTech a priority next year.

I have a raft of new companies to follow up with in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on The Guidewire for new analysis on where semantics is heading. And of course we continue to gear up for DEMOfall – the first set of demonstrator invitations went out earlier this week – so you could say our plates are beginning to tip over with work. In our quest to feed the market with reasoned analysis of the startup landscape, we needed to expand our team. We needed someone super sharp about emerging tech, an early adopter with a sharp eye for innovative companies and products. We also needed someone who could take The Guidewire to the next level. Chris and I haven’t had the time to devote the creative energy necessary for building an engaging blog atmosphere.

With that, I am thrilled to announce Guidewire Group’s new research intern… drumroll please… Corvida from SheGeeks! Corvida will be with us through the summer, assisting Chris and I in all manner of ways: finding innovative startups to profile, fleshing out and updating The Guidewire, podcasting for, writing the occasional blog post, and much more. Fans of her SheGeeks and ReadWriteWeb posts, don’t despair; she’ll continue to blog regularly on both sites. I’m excited for both sides of the relationship. I hope we’ll offer Corvida a leg up into the business side of emerging technology and I know she’ll provide us with some much needed education on blogosphere success.

Join me in giving a warm welcome to Corvida. And watch this space!



  1. Hells yeah!! I dare say it is awesomesauce. Corvida rocks.

  2. […] for Guidewire. There’s also a post up on The Guidewire (Guidewire Group’s blog) welcoming me. Thank you, thank you! 😀 […]

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