In the Pause Before the Madness, Let’s Focus on What Matters

In a week that should be the buildup to an onslaught of significant tech news, I’m just a bit weary this morning. After a long weekend away from the computer, I logged on to the same old, tired posts about TechCrunch and DEMO and which would overthrow the other.

Every reporter and blogger in the industry seems to have weighed in with their individual conference experiences and no doubt every pundit will need to opine on who “won” in the aftermath.

And they are all missing the story.

I sincerely hope that beyond the “fight” between two events, we can keep the real story in mind: Entrepreneurs are launching their babies at these events, companies and technologies into which they’ve poured blood, sweat, tears and uncountable hours. No matter the venue they’ve chosen, more than 150 companies are taking the world stage next week. We should at the very least hear them out.

They have created something new from whole cloth and that, ultimately, is more deserving of our attention than a trivial, back-alley fight between two organizations which ultimately have a common goal: fostering innovation.

Let the story be about the companies. These companies, no matter where they are launching, very much deserve our respect and attention.

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