Introducing the DEMOfall 08 Demonstrating Class

After months of screening and preparation, we can finally share our fantastic slate of companies set to launch at DEMOfall 08, running Sept 7-9 at the Sheraton San Diego. These 72 companies represent the best of the best in innovation. As Chris notes, these are more than disruptive; they change the rules of the game as we know it. Some of the products include:

-products that help you manage, deliver, and socialize your mobile phone and content

-tools that enable you to personalize, navigate and deliver mAultimedia, rich-media presentations and television content over the Web

-a solution that brings RFID right to the consumer

-an application that promises to keep spam out of your inbox for good

-a tool that takes the mystery out of eating healthy wherever you are

-services that take personal financial management to a new level

-a solution that makes everyone a game developer

-tools that make you fall in love with your photos again

-products focused on reducing our impact on the planet from energy consumption to traffic congestion

Videos of each live demonstration will be available on beginning Monday afternoon, September 8. Without further adieu, the DEMOfall 08 demonstrators:

Accordia Group, LLC; New Rochelle, NY;

Adapx, Inc; Seattle, WA;, Inc.; Bellevue, WA;

Arsenal Interactive, Inc.; Mountain View, CA;

Asyncast Corp; Campbell, CA;

Awind Inc.; Junghe, Taiwan;

beeTV; Milano, Italy;

BestBuy; Minneapolis, MN;

BizEquity Corp.; Spring House, PA;

Blue Lava Technologies, Inc.; Honolulu, HI;

Cerego; Tokyo, Japan;

Cinergix, Pty Ltd.; Melbourne, Australia;

Clintworld; Boenningstedt, Germany;

CoreTrace Corp.; Austin, TX;

crowdSPRING, LLC; Chicago, IL;

DesignIn, Inc.; Marblehead, MA;

Dial Directions, Inc.; Alameda, CA;


Enterprise Infomatics, Inc; San Diego, CA;

Familybuilder; New York, NY;, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;

Fortressware Inc.; Mountain View, CA;

Fusion-io; Salt Lake City, UT;; Ramallah & Modin, Palestine and Israel;

Green Sherpa; Santa Barbara, CA;

Infovell, Inc.; Menlo Park, CA;

Intelius, Inc.; Bellevue, WA;

Invision TV, LLC; Bethesda, MD;

iWidgets, Inc; San Francisco, CA;

Kadoo, Inc.; Washington, DC;

Koollage, Inc.; San Jose, CA;

Mapflow, Ltd; Cork, Ireland;

Maverick Mobile Solutions, Pvt. Ltd.; Maharashtra, India;

MeDeploy; Hamden, CT;

Message Sling; Worcester, MA;

MeWorks, Inc.; Taipei, Taiwan;

Microstaq, Inc.; Austin, TX;

MixMatchMusic, Ltd.; Burlingame, CA;

Momindum; Paris, France;; Dallas, TX;

Paidinterviews, LLC; McLean, VA;

Paragent, LLC; Muncie, IN;

Photrade, LLC; Cincinnati, OH;

PlanDone, Inc.; Petaluma, CA;

Plastic Logic, Ltd; Mountain View, CA;

Qtask, Inc.; Burbank, CA;

Quantivo Corp.; San Mateo, CA;

Radiant Logic, Inc.; Novato, CA;

RealNetworks, Inc.; Seattle, WA;

Rebus Technology, Inc.; Cupertino, CA;

RemoTV, Inc.; New Haven, CT;

Rudder, Inc.; Houston, TX;

Semanti Corp; Alberta, Canada;

Sim Ops Studios, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;

SitScape, Inc.; Vienna, VA;

SkyData Systems, Inc.; San Mateo, CA;

SpinSpotter; Seattle, WA;

Telnic, Ltd; London, England;

TetraBase, LLC; Boothwyn, PA;

The Echo Nest Corp.; Somerville, MA;

tikitag, an Alcatel-Lucent Venture; Antwerp, Belgium;

Toolgether; San Mateo, CA;

TravelMuse, Inc.; Los Altos, CA;

Trinity Convergence, Inc.; Durham, NC;

TurnTo Networks, Inc.; New York, NY;

UbiEst S.p.A; Treviso, Italy;

UGA Digital, Inc.; Taipei, Taiwan;

Unity Solutions, LLC; Clearwater, FL;

Usable Security Systems, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;

WebDiet, Inc.; Henderson, NV;

Xumii, Inc.; San Mateo, CA;

Zazengo, Inc.; Santa Cruz, CA;



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  4. […] now that we have the drama of the morning out of the way, let’s dig into the 70 demonstrators at Demo. TechCrunch will announce its list on Monday morning at 6 […]

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