The Vortex: Zeroes and Ones

We’re back after a week away, half of which was spent in the Dublin airport. I love Dublin and we met some fantastic companies, but when I go back to see them, I’m taking a boat.

News from the Social Media Vortex

-The previously mentioned Shorty Awards, for great achievement in Twittering, were awarded in Brooklyn this week and it’s fitting that the attending crowd wouldn’t shut up long enough to hear anyone’s 140-character speech. That’s the essence of Twitter, really: never stop talking or you’ll become invisible.

-At the same time, a Pew report out this week finds that 11% of online Americans are using Twitter. What’s more interesting is that number was 9% just last November. Impressive growth for a service with zero revenue.

-When The Interwebs Go Horribly Wrong: I submit, a site that allows friends to post embarrassing pictures of you, and won’t take them down until you pay a subscription fee.

Apps on the Radar

Lose It! I’m not embarrassed to say I’m trying to cut a few calories, but when I searched for an iPhone app to help, the options were surprisingly limited. Lose It! is free and fully featured, with a huge database of foods, weight and nutrient tracking. Come on, get healthy with me. And while you’re at it…

Yoga Stretch – If you’re new to yoga, go to some classes first. But if you know your poses and are looking for a good at-home practice, I highly recommend it. Also perfect for when you’re traveling.

-Speaking of traveling, did I mention my 30+ hours in the Dublin airport? I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful for my iPhone. VirtualPool, 2 Across crossword puzzles and Platinum Solitaire kept me (somewhat) sane. And I may have sold my colleague Mike an iPhone on the strength of Enigmo alone.

DEMO trends – where the innovation lies with DEMO 09 applicants

-inventive thinking in crisis communications for businesses

-a whole new way to view large amounts of online content

-live music search for the masses

Tweet of the Week

-This was an easy one. The always entertaining Jason Kottke, ladies and gentleman: “Hey blogosphere, shut up about cats, bacon and Shepard Fairey for a second, I’m trying to think.”


-The hot topic on FriendFeed this week was whether the service is doomed. Too many geeks using, not enough mainstream use, other services cribbing features, etc etc. The answer may lie a few entries down, however, where one of the most popular items of the week was the following: “I just added an XML-RPC interface to the FriendFeed API, so it’s now even easier to use. For example, one line of code can print my feed: for entry in ff.feed.user.paul()[“entries”]: print entry[“title”].”

And no, that last phrase isn’t html ephemera, it’s what he actually typed. I can feel the mainstream-ers coming now.

Happy Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day everyone, depending on your point of view. The Onion sums up the holiday best, I think: Nation’s Couples Descend On Nation’s Rotating Restaurants. See you next week.

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