The Vortex: Deep Thoughts Edition

It’s funny – I started this weekly wrap-up to skewer the insanity of the technosphere. It’s an odd little world that thinks an awful lot of itself and needs a dose of reality on a regular basis. But sometimes I just can’t muster the energy to make fun of Scoble’s latest rant, or whatever that week’s kerfuffle is. And, as you may have noticed, these posts have been drifting more towards actual news updates and app reviews. So I’ll put the question to my small but faithful group of readers: which Vortex do you like better – Jekyll’s or Hyde’s?  (If you need a prompt, Hyde was the evil one.) In the meantime…

Robert Scoble thinks Twitter is worth “five to ten billion dollars.” Sigh.

–Sarah Lacy is mad at Brazil because she didn’t get her visa arranged in time. The only thing missing from this temper tantrum is the sound of stamping feet.

–We’ve all done it but John Hodgman did it in spades. What was meant as a direct message on Twitter instead went out to his 82,000+ followers – his cell phone number.

–Yeah, this site is petty and mean. But gosh, it’s funny.

And with that, I’ll leave you to a happy holiday weekend. Step away from the computer, get some sun, and meet me back here next week.

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  1. Karyn Kane Williams said

    “It’s an odd little world that thinks an awful lot of itself and needs a dose of reality on a regular basis.” Carla stands with hammer and hits nail directly on the head!

  2. Twitter *could* be worth that much if they applied themselves.

    Twitter reminds me of a kid who was in my 10th grade english class. Never showed up or did the homework, but somehow aced his SATs. He wound up dropping out of school, and eventually blew out all his brain cells huffing freon. True story.

    Folks at Twitter are doing the exact same thing. They don’t monetize in any of a million possible ways they could monetize. If they chose one or two of them, they could legitimately be a billion dollar a year company in gross alone – but they don’t.

    They’re content to huff the fumes of P. Diddy, Oprah and Kutcher.

  3. […] Facebook, Flickr, iPhone, Julia Allison, Louis Gray, Sportacular, Steve Jobs, swine flu, Twitter Mr. Hyde it is. Dr. Jekyll was always the boring one, don’t you […]

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