About The Guidewire

There are hundreds of blogs about technology, about tech startups, about new products, about Silicon Valley. So why another one, and more pointedly, why this one?

The Guidewire is a blog about emerging technology and emerging technology companies, to be sure. But rather than add to the din of data points around new products, we take the position of an Outside Insider, plugged in to the ever-changing rhythms of Silicon Valley and the global technology ecosystem, while mindful of the real computing needs of everyday people. Blog buzz rarely reaches Middle America; we hope to keep innovators honest by reminding them of just that.

It’s not our intent to break news. There are lots of media outlets who plow lots of resources into doing just that. We rely on these sources just as you do.

Nor is it our intent to be the comprehensive source for news on startup companies. There are plenty of other sites fighting for that position. We meet with hundreds of companies each year, many of them well before they emerge from stealth. We never want to be in a position of “outing” an under the radar company, and frankly it doesn’t make sense for us to use a public blog to provide significant and meaningful analysis on every company we meet. Soon enough, we’ll have a better choice for you to track startups. Until then we will share with you the insights, intelligent analysis and commentary that emerge from some of these one-on-ones with entrepreneurs.

And, by the way, we don’t intend to comment on every bit of blogosphere drama. While we might not always succeed, our goal with The Guidewire is add to the conversation, not echo it. We hope that when we do wade in on an issue, we can offer a different perspective, one that’s missing from the discussion.

Lastly, we’re blogging because our clients and colleagues have asked us to. Enjoy.


  1. […] that people want to read without turning into a ranting egomaniac. It’s right there in About The Guidewire: Our goal… is to add to the conversation, not echo it. We hope that when we do wade in on an […]

  2. I’ll be visiting again. Good stuff

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