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DEMOfall 08: Our Top 10 to Out Perform

This week marks the start of our search for the companies and products that will make their debut at DEMO 09, March 1 to 3, in Palm Springs, California.  But before DEMOfall 08  becomes a distant spot in the rear view mirror, it’s imperative that Guidewire Group puts the cap on that event by selecting the 10 companies of DEMOfall 08 that we think will outperform among this remarkably talented group of companies that presented at the event in September.

The practice of highlighting 10 companies was spurred on by IDG Ventures’ Pat Kenealy, who challenged me at DEMO 08 to identify the companies at the conference that would out-perform typical venture portfolio metrics.  And thus began what with this second issue is a new tradition: Guidewire Group’s list of the 10 companies we predict will prove  most fundable, and most profitable, of the portfolio that is the demonstrating class of each DEMO Conference.  This is no easy task.  Carla and I spent months screening hundreds of companies in order to identify the Class of DEMOfall 2008.   In each company, we found something innovative and important, so calling out just 10 companies is a bit like asking a mother to identify her favorite children.

As with the DEMO 08 Top 10 List, I decided to wait a few weeks for the post-DEMO media to play out so as not to influence coverage of any of the 72 DEMOfall 08. But now, the time has come. So here, in no particular order, are the Guidewire Group Top 10 of DEMOfall 08: Read the rest of this entry »


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Let the Next Phase Begin: DEMOfall’s Opening Remarks

I’m excited to see so many new faces at DEMOfall this week.  In fact, this is the biggest DEMOfall event we’ve ever had.  Most importantly, it’s just the size we like it:  Lots of great people to meet without overwhelming crowds and noise.  Seventy-two amazing companies and products from across a very broad spectrum of the information technology market, with plenty of time to hear from each one of them and get up close in the pavilion.

Let’s make these next two days all about them. They have been working tremendously hard to get their products ready for market and to introduce them to you today.  The products and the companies: they deserve our respect and focus. If we give them that focus, they will tell us a tremendous amount about where the technology markets are going.

While the 72 products coming to market at DEMOfall represent a wide range of capabilities and impacts, without question the most obvious take away is that the tech market is moving into a new cycle. To understand this new cycle, though, let’s look at its historical context. Read the rest of this entry »

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Introducing the DEMOfall 08 Demonstrating Class

After months of screening and preparation, we can finally share our fantastic slate of companies set to launch at DEMOfall 08, running Sept 7-9 at the Sheraton San Diego. These 72 companies represent the best of the best in innovation. As Chris notes, these are more than disruptive; they change the rules of the game as we know it. Some of the products include:

-products that help you manage, deliver, and socialize your mobile phone and content

-tools that enable you to personalize, navigate and deliver mAultimedia, rich-media presentations and television content over the Web

-a solution that brings RFID right to the consumer

-an application that promises to keep spam out of your inbox for good

-a tool that takes the mystery out of eating healthy wherever you are

-services that take personal financial management to a new level

-a solution that makes everyone a game developer

-tools that make you fall in love with your photos again

-products focused on reducing our impact on the planet from energy consumption to traffic congestion

Videos of each live demonstration will be available on beginning Monday afternoon, September 8. Without further adieu, the DEMOfall 08 demonstrators: Read the rest of this entry »

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On the Road Again (Or Is It “Still”?)

I firmly believe you don’t find really great innovation by sitting at your desk and waiting for it to come to you. You’re not going to find it consistently by doing the Silicon Valley party circuit, either. You have to get out into the world and meet entrepeneurs where they live. And that’s just what we’re doing over the next several weeks as DEMO goes on the road.

We will be holding private meetings to evaluate potential demonstrators for our upcoming DEMOfall 08 conference. Meetings will be held in the following six cities:

  • Seattle on Thursday, May 1st
  • Boston on Tuesday, May 6th
  • Providence on Wednesday, May 7th
  • New York City on Thursday, May 8th
  • Denver on Monday, May 12th
  • Austin on Tuesday, May 13th

To request a meeting, please complete the Demonstrator application. Once we’ve had a chance to evaluate your application, we’ll be in touch with meeting locations and times.

During a few stops, we’ll be hosting drinks and conversation with DEMO veterans and newcomers alike. We invite you to attend and encourage you to bring along your closest colleagues and friends to experience the networking power and intelligent conversation surrounding the DEMO community. Space is very limited, so please click on the city link below for details and to RSVP:

By the way, early bird registration is now open for DEMOfall 08 coming to San Diego on September 7-9, 2008. Registering now will save you $600.

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Imitation Is Flattery? Or Just Bad for Entrepreneurs?

There are a dozen other, perhaps more important and insightful, posts I’d rather be writing today. But, alas, my friends at TechCrunch put a wall in my path today and I just can’t ignore it, despite counsel from perhaps wiser advisers to do just that.

You see, TechCrunch and Jason Calacanis announced their plans for what is now being called TechCrunch50. Reading the TC50 site was a deja vu experience. The concept, the “rules,” the agenda . . . all out of the DEMO playbook.

You might remember that TechCrunch announced its first startup launch event, what was then called TC20, while sitting in the second row at DEMO 07. At the time I believed, as I still do now, that entrepreneurs need a variety of venues and opportunities to address the market. If TC20, which becameTC40 presumably when the blog’s desire to attract more entrepreneurs outstripped its promise of super-exclusivity, can provide a platform and give wings to entrepreneurs, then good on ’em. That can only benefit the tech ecosystem.

But, as I told VentureBeat’s Chris Morrison this afternoon, I’m baffled by TechCrunch’s decision to put its event literally on top of DEMOfall 08. Read the rest of this entry »

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