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The View from Guidewire: Needs a New Name

I don’t know about you but this title ain’t doing it for me. I tend to shorten things and calling it ‘The View’ only brings to mind four women who yell at each other about subjects they don’t know much about. Something snappier, zippier is needed. Suggestions?

It was a quiet week around the technosphere, with only an ill Steve Jobs, a slash-happy Google, a new Yahoo CEO, and a plane crash to keep us occupied.

News from the Social Media Vortex

But what should really keep you up at night is the news that Robert Scoble hit a mark of 25,000 followers on FriendFeed. It was the top post on FriendFeed this week, with a convoluted comment explosion involving phrases likeĀ  ‘augmented cognition’ and ‘homophilous networks’. What we should instead discuss is that Scoble now has a literal army of followers. A takeover of a small state is sure to follow. I nominate Rhode Island or Delaware.

Burger King introduced a Facebook app in which users received a free Whopper for every 10 friends they deleted on the social network. Over 50,000 friends were sacrificed on the first day and 230,000 by week’s end. But Facebook quickly got wise and crippled a key feature, resulting in Whopper Sacrifice ultimately sacrificing itself.

-The social channels were put through their paces yesterday with the announcement of Steve Jobs’ medical leave in the morning and a miraculous plane crash in the afternoon. No snarky comments from me; it was one of those days when social media really proved its worth. From amazing instantaneous pictures of the crash to constant updates and discussion on both subjects, it was solid proof of what sometimes frivolous technologies can mean in the real world.

Special Inaugural Section (or Sweet Jesus Mary It’s Almost Over)

-Those of you stuck at your desks on Tuesday can tune into Joost for livestream coverage of the inauguration.

-Can’t livestream? Write your own speech with the Inauguration Speech Generator. See if you can out-hope and out-change our new President.

-And for the wonks out there, the great 10 Links a Day blog has put together all manner of sites (well, just 10 actually) for Inaugural info.

-Last but most certainly not least, drop by your local Krispy Kreme next Tuesday for a free doughnut. If for no other reason than just to annoy these people.

Tweet of the Week

Goes to Jason Meserve, who made me laugh out loud just after I published last week’s wrap-up: “Guy next to me at McCarran is going to transform the medical/pharmaceutical business. He just needs some cash. I hate him.”


-I like to title this story, “When Tweets Go Bad.” A PR rep from Ketchum made the mistake of tweeting that Memphis may not be the most fabulous town on the planet. FedEx, it turns out, doesn’t have a sense of humor about that kind of thing. Am I only the one who’s far more concerned with his typos?

-We are not, it turns out, completely made of stone. The top FriendFeed post of the week was a collective ooh and ahh over one damn cute baby, Miss Audrey Moskovitz. Congratulations Akiva and Rochelle! Really, she’s gorgeous.

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New TV With an Old Twist

I talked with SyncTV last week, a TV download service that launched in private beta in November 07 and demoed a proof-of-concept device at CES in January. While others in this space like Hulu and Joost focus on broadcast content online, SyncTV aims to clear that elusive path from the study to the den, offering downloadable content online and allowing viewers to take it offline to view as they wish. SyncTV started as a skunkworks project within Pioneer Electronics and both parties are interested in spinning it out on its own.

SyncTV is an open-standards-based subscription service that allows users unlimited downloads of home-theater-quality television shows to watch when and where they choose. It currently works on Windows, Macs and Linux PCs and will work on consumer devices by the end of 2008, including TVs and portable players. Users subscribe to channels, each about $2 per month, and can download as many current and classic shows as they like from said channels, with no viewing limits and no expiration date. As long as you remain a subscriber, you have access to all your downloaded content, which is ad-supported. Each account allows for viewing on five home devices (TVs, computers) and 10 portable devices (in-car players, portable players). The company’s open-standards approach will hopefully facilitate quick development of devices by third parties. It will launch to the public later this year with at least three major broadcast partners.

To be honest, my excitement about SyncTV was tempered somewhat when I heard about the ads. Read the rest of this entry »

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