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Finding the eye in the storm

It was one of those moments of self-doubt, when you think, “Is it possible I’m not as smart as I think I am?”

Immersed in the Sunday New York Times this weekend, I read Matt Richtel’s piece with interest and, as is the custom these days, thoughts on how I’d like to blog about it. I thought it was of sufficient quality to give the reader pause as to how blogging fits into the greater picture of our everyday lives. No, I didn’t find it to be particularly groundbreaking or crack investigative reporting but not every article will be.

I expected ample comments from the blogging world but anticipated it would trend more towards another discussion of the treadmill on which we’ve put ourselves, how to keep pace, etc etc, ad infinitum. Instead, the reaction was swift and unanimous: Wimps! The insta-comments on FriendFeed told me precisely where this meme was headed: desperate, old-school media attacks successful new genre; alcoholic and/or divorced reporters are commonplace; sensationalist and crappy. The consensus seemed to be that plenty of professions carry high levels of stress and it all comes down to individual life management. So shut up, old media, and get with the new way of journalism. Read the rest of this entry »


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