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Finding the eye in the storm

It was one of those moments of self-doubt, when you think, “Is it possible I’m not as smart as I think I am?”

Immersed in the Sunday New York Times this weekend, I read Matt Richtel’s piece with interest and, as is the custom these days, thoughts on how I’d like to blog about it. I thought it was of sufficient quality to give the reader pause as to how blogging fits into the greater picture of our everyday lives. No, I didn’t find it to be particularly groundbreaking or crack investigative reporting but not every article will be.

I expected ample comments from the blogging world but anticipated it would trend more towards another discussion of the treadmill on which we’ve put ourselves, how to keep pace, etc etc, ad infinitum. Instead, the reaction was swift and unanimous: Wimps! The insta-comments on FriendFeed told me precisely where this meme was headed: desperate, old-school media attacks successful new genre; alcoholic and/or divorced reporters are commonplace; sensationalist and crappy. The consensus seemed to be that plenty of professions carry high levels of stress and it all comes down to individual life management. So shut up, old media, and get with the new way of journalism. Read the rest of this entry »


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Girls Girls Girls

The New York Times stuck its foot in its mouth today by running a story on girls in tech… in the fashion section. This raised a bit of consternation – Mary Hodder was none to happy – but not as much as it perhaps should have. The piece is ranked pretty high on Techmeme but only has three blog posts attached to it. Compare that with the recent hubbub over Seattle vs Silicon Valley (in which we got involved), which generated 158 comments on Arrington’s blog alone.

The premise of the NYT piece, that the majority of Web content innovators is increasingly teenage girls, is a strong one and worth covering. But why not in the Business or Tech section? It’s a question to which I don’t necessarily have an answer. But it adds to a theme that’s been bubbling in my head lately: where do women stand in the tech community?

It’s a subject I find myself returning to every few months. Back in July of 06, I tackled it on my personal blog and the Guidewire site, bemoaning the need to make every gadget “for girls” pink and sparkly. A few months later, I railed against Sugar Networks for throwing up a Digg clone, complete with hearts. (I’m sad to find that site still in operation.) It comes full circle with today’s news of the PopSugar/TechCrunch mixer scheduled for April in Hollywood. TechCrunch presented it in a mostly inoffensive manner; PopSugar just came out and said it directly – find a husband here, girls! Read the rest of this entry »

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Looking for a Revolution

I never blog as often from DEMO as I plan to. My writing goals are always lofty going in, only to be thwarted by the presentations onstage and conversations off. Trying to blog while watching a start-up bank its future success on one six-minute presentation – well, it’s distracting. So as I sit comfortably back at home, sorting through email and business cards, I want to cover a couple of items I missed.

First off is a thought-provoking comment I heard a couple of times from reporters over the course of the week. “There’s nothing really revolutionary here.” Journalists are a jaded lot, to be sure, especially tech journalists. They’ve seen it all one hundred times and have heard more “groundbreaking” and “revolutionary” promises from tech products than you’d care to count. I, on the other hand, think everything’s a revolution. I see an exciting technology and must restrain myself from anointing it the next slice of bread. Read the rest of this entry »

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